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Harvest Complete Notifications

To configure the harvest complete notifications to include keys from s3 custom metadata or s3 tags, you have to set the terraform variable harvest_complete_stow_fields to a comma-delimited list of key names. The key names are case insensitive.

Example: If you’re tagging things in s3 with FOOID and BARID keys, both of the following are valid settings for the harvest_complete_stow_fields value:

  • fooid,barID

NOTE: While the keys are case insensitive, when constructing the notification we preserve the case of the key or tag. So if a tag named FOOid is present on an object in s3 but harvest_complete_stow_fields is set to fooid,barid, you’ll see FOOid in the body of the notification.

Example Harvest Complete Notification:

	"id": "abc123",
	"additional_fields": [
			"name": "FOOID",
			"value": "someID"
			"name": "barID",
			"value": "someid"
	"extractors": [

If no tags or metadata keys were found on the object in s3 that match the fields in harvest_complete_stow_fields then the additional_fields key will be omitted entirely from the body of the message.

The extractors names are the same names as used to initiate a harvest.

This documentation is generated from the latest version of GrayMeta Platform. For documentation relevant to your own deployed version, please use the documentation inside the application.