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Full-text search

To perform a full text search in the GrayMeta Platform, make the following request:

POST /api/data/search
	"query": "{query}"
  • query - (string) The text to search for (see Query text section below for more information)

Query text

To demonstrate the queries, let’s assume we have 2 files, one holds the content hillary clinton, and the other hillary rodham clinton.

To retrieve all files where at least one of the search terms exist (OR) - write the words in the query separated by a space and wrapped by quotes.

In our example, this query will retrieve both files:


	"query": "hillary clinton"

To retrieve all files where the exact term shows, maybe with additional words before/after, but not between (AND) - write the words in the query separated by a space and wrapped by double quotes, and make sure to escape the inner quotes.

In our eaxmple, this query will only retrieve the first file. The second file will be excluded because there is rodham between hillary and clinton:


	"query": "\"hillary clinton\""


See the Search API documentation for an overview of the results.

What next?

Now you know how to make searches, learn about filters and aggregations.

This documentation is generated from the latest version of GrayMeta Platform. For documentation relevant to your own deployed version, please use the documentation inside the application.