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Harvesting is the process of extracting and generating metadata from a source file.


Before you can initiate harvests, you must first:

Initiating harvesting

One off harvesting

To initiate a one-off harvest operation, use the Harvest API.

Enabling ongoing harvesting

To have Containers at a Location continuously harvested, you must use the Containers API to enable the appropriate Containers. The GrayMeta Platform will then eventually harvest all the content inside that Container.

Periodically, the GrayMeta Platform will check the enabled Containers for changes, and if it detects any, will initiate a re-harvest of those items, ensuring the metadata is kept up-to-date. To disable this feature use the Disable Live Harvesting endpoint.

What next?

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This documentation is generated from the latest version of GrayMeta Platform. For documentation relevant to your own deployed version, please use the documentation inside the application.