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This document outlines the high-level concepts modeled in the GrayMeta Platform API.

How the GrayMeta Platform works

The GrayMeta Platform harvests content from storage, extracting metadata and making it available via various APIs.


Content is stored at Locations, inside Containers. Each file is called an Item.

  • Locations may only contain Containers, not Items
  • Containers contain Items
  • You can think of an Item as a single file

For example, a connection to an Amazon S3 instance is a Location, and the buckets are Containers. The files inside the buckets are the Items.


Once harvesting has finished, you may access the metadata for an item by using the unique IDs assigned to it with the Items API, alternatively you can use the Search API to perform full-text queries, filters and aggregations against the metadata.

This documentation is generated from the latest version of GrayMeta Platform. For documentation relevant to your own deployed version, please use the documentation inside the application.